Pawllywood Vendors

Kiwanis Club Vendor Application

September 8, 2018 10:00am to 3:00pm
Set Up 1 hour before – Tear Down 1 hour after.
Application Must Be Received by August 24, 2018
Booth cost $75.00

Submit a typed or printed list of all proposed menu items. List must include size, descriptions and
prices for each item you are requesting to sell. Approved menu will become a part of your contract.

Each exhibitor must provide the Paws 4 Kids Pallywood Contest with proof of general and
product liability insurance of not less than $1,000,000, with the Kiwanis Club of Temecula
Valley, the City of Temecula, Temecula Parks and Recreation and the Temecula Community
Recreation Center as additional insured. Including set up and tear down. Application and
Supporting documentation can be fax or emailed

Please download a copy of the following form and submit it to us via email or mail.

Vendor Registration form